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This gorgeous piece has SOLD.

Not only has this beautiful cabinet got a classic, superb Deco shape but also boasts of being in a figured walnut, what more can you ask for. We're as excited to have found this as the lucky buyer is going to be placing it in that special place within their Deco collection. Extremely hard to source and even harder to locate in decent condition, with gorgeous colouring. This cabinet truly has the "Wow" factor. Needless to say, slightly more expensive than the normal cabinets, but one that you will never be bored of looking at and that will hold and increase it's value and desirability the most.
The display area has 2 doors each with 3 hinges at the half-round cross-grained centre and with stylish glazing bars. Fitted with stylish Deco handles, the doors open to reveal 4 plate glass shelves. It has the fantastically styled Rocket base comprised of 10 half-round cross-grained mouldings. This fabulous display cabinet is in magnificent condition and is all ready to bring its superb Deco style and glamour to your home.



Height = 53"(Approx 134.5cm)

Depth = 14"(Approx 35.5cm)

Width = 41½"(Approx 105.5cm)


Ref FU 2091